About Amichai Vardi

Highly trained and qualified in the area of plastics engineering and 
injection molding, Amichai Vardi entered the field in 1993 after 
completing his military service with the Israel Defense Forces. At 
the invitation of Iscar CEO Stef Wertheimer, Mr. Vardi enrolled in 
the company’s elite training program. Within two years, he became 
Senior Mold Designer at Plasel, which produces plastic packing 
materials for high-tech industries. In the five years that followed, 
Amichai Vardi acquired hands-on experience in plastics 
manufacturing, seeking to improve productivity and cost efficiencies 
at Plasel. His innovations increased productivity at Plasel’s mold-making 
facility by 50%. As an Engineering Manager in charge of product and tool 
design, Amichai Vardi increased his office’s productivity by 25%.

After relocating from Israel to the United States, Amichai Vardi enrolled 
in the Master’s program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell to 
study plastics engineering. His interest in plastics manufacturing is 
reflected in his thesis, “Process and Feature Oriented Product Design for 
Injection-Molding.” Working with an actual example, Mr. Vardi demonstrates 
how the use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) as part of the design 
process results in significant cost savings, shorter production times, 
and superior quality. Amichai goes on to say that correctly designed 
injection molded plastic parts should include easy-to-measure features 
for quality monitoring via statistical process control.

Mr. Vardi’s studies have resulted in many achievements during his 
tenure at Medtronic, where he has repeatedly met the challenge of 
reducing product costs and lead times. Medtronic awarded him a 
“Star of Excellence” in 2009 for his leadership on the company’s diabetes 
blood sugar sensor, which increased sales and profitability while reducing 
costs. Amichai Vardi currently serves as Engineering Director of 
Medtronic’s Sensor Value Stream.

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